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Automotive Training

EFI Training Program

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With our continued growth, there has been interest from other people & shops about training, so we have decided to offer a training program for those wanting to gain knowledge in this field or may be interested in pursuing a career in one or all of the programs.  While not everyone has experience or credentials to fill a postion, this program will allow those considering a career or wanting expand their abilities, this will offer immediate hands on experience.  This program will not only allow you to get basic experience, but offer different levels of training. 

Click Here for EFI-101 Tuning Classes - Dates & Locations


All of the above will offer certificates of completion.  If you are interested in attending these programs, please contact us either by email or phone.  If you would like more information, please click here.

For enrollment periods, those will be updated on the website, so please check back.