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Majestic Motorsports
1041 Freedom Way (HWY 24)
Hubert, NC 28539


(910) 219-4217


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Automotive Painting & Body

Our technicians will meet any challenge with their personalized & specialized approach

We have helped to restore and customize thousands of vehicles from cars, trucks, motorcycles and golf carts.
Large corporations and private individuals alike have put their trust in our abilities and production expertise.  You may even see our finished product in a national magazine.

Whether you want to restore your automobile to perfectly new, or give your vehicle a completely unique or stunning new look, Majestic Motorsports will work with you to bring your dreams to life.

If you're not local, your vehicle is not driveable, or you simply have no other way to get your vehicle to our facility for repairs, we can pick up and return your vehicle to you upon completion! Contact us today to schedule your pick-up or delivery!

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